More than a job, it is a vocation

Our vocation is to bring a smile to the faces of all those who suffer from celiac disease.
Our philosophy is to produce artisanal foodstuffs, all strictly gluten-free, using selected, prime quality ingredients cooked in an absolutely homely and simple way.
We put all our passion into it.
We produce healthy, top-quality food.

Products for people with intolerance and sensitivity
to gluten and lactose

Our range of gluten-free products is not only intended for people with celiac disease: it is also for those who are intolerant to, or even just sensitive to gluten.
We offer a wide variety of bread and pizzas, fresh pasta and ravioli, and baked pastries.
We are expanding our product range, integrating and increasing those without lactose, inclusive of both sweet and savoury products.
Naturally, the lactose-free foodstuffs are produced in accordance with the same quality standards.

A certified artisanal laboratory

Ours is an artisanal laboratory, certified by the Ministry of Health, so we are able to guarantee the complete absence of gluten in all our products.
We can guarantee that there is no risk of possible contamination and hence, that the gluten residue is zero.

Excellent raw materials

To offer the highest quality and the pleasure of eating our products, in our laboratory:

We use Italian hazelnuts and almonds
in our Lady’s Kisses

We use only
Italian chocolate
for our sweets

We use
fresh butter,
to guarantee authenticity

We prepare the filling for our ravioli ourselves,
just like in our kitchens at home

Our pasta is
to retain the sauce better

Our pizzas are cooked on stone,
for optimal cooking
and great crispness

We do not use preservatives, dyes or other more or less well-known chemical products

Would you like to buy some?

Would you like to buy some?

Look for the pharmacy or specialized store nearest to you

Go to the Via Stilicone store in Milan

Shop at our direct sales point: we have a vast assortment of gluten-free products and the complete range of Le Bontà di Edo products. Open from Tuesday to Sunday